Along with all the wonderful items we carry The Fruit Basket ABQ also sells in bulk. When you buy in bulk you can get a wholesale price for that product and save. Only certain items may be available at any given time. Prices also can vary at any given time for a particular product so please contact us when interested in buying bulk. Items can be picked up or possibly delivered.

Examples of product that is available with notice and agreement for purchase. (Availability varies at different times)

Contact The Fruit Basket via Phone (505) 344-0885

(505) 344-0885

  • ​Red Chile Powder
  • Crushed Red Chile
  • Red Chile Pods
  • Green Chile Powder
  • Crushed Green Chile
  • ​Blue Corn Meal
  • Roasted Atole
  • Chicos
  • NM Pinto Beans